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Work life vs Personal life balance

Posted on July 30 2020

Work life vs Personal life balance

As I’ve grown older I tend to forget about how easy we had it as kids. No responsibilities, clothes and food provided to us as we need it, the list goes on. Yet at some stage of our lives, we probably thought our parents were just trying to screw us over when they made us do our chores.

I look back an see the life lessons my parents were trying to teach me. To be self-sufficient in the real world, to look at instances with an open mind, but most importantly to always believe in myself.

As a youngster, I felt I was different from most kids my age. From 10 years old I understood work ethic. I knew the amount of effort it took to achieve a vision.

I choose what some may consider work as a pleasure rather than just doing things kids my age were destined to do.

As a child, I would never speak about my out there interests as I was afraid of being neglected by peers. I focused all my energy into sports.

But I didn’t realize I was just masking myself from my true passion, business.

I was the kid on the front lawn berm trying to sell my old toys to go the hardware store to buy nuts & bolts to build a go-kart or wood to make a skateboard ramp.

I understood a sales pitch, the value of a dollar and how to read people through gestures and the words they used while speaking to me.

I was able to manipulate people by killing them with kindness and confidence and hitting them where it hurt, their wallet!

Often instances including convincing strangers to park in our driveway while I hustled my younger brothers to help me wash the stranger's cars for a lazy fiver to build up my basketball card collection.

What I’m trying to say is those values I learnt as a kid have carried me through life & helped me create all sorts of mediums without the need to be motivated or stressed.

Now I’m older I understand a lot more about how life works & realize everything I've done and continue to do is out of love for the process rather than the actual outcome of the product.

This year I will hit my 3rd decade on this earth. Balancing work & personal life has been by far the most challenging. With a 13-month-old baby, a partner, full-time job, day to day running of Mankind Apparel & now building a purpose-built shop for the brand & my family’s barbershop time tends to become a blur. But I stand by my ethics and morals, I know every decision in every moment has lead me to this point.

I feel organizing my life based on my priorities and what’s most important to me has given me the flexibility I need to achieve multiple things at once & at a high level of excellence.

Number 1. My family, downtime with loved ones keeps me sane, my partner is the bow to my arrow & if my son is awake then my attention is 100% on him unless something is super urgent within the business.

Number 2. My full-time job, as it puts food on our table, keeps a roof over our head and clothes on our bodies.

Number 3. Mankind Apparel, my passion and my dreams. As long as I’m keeping an online presence, continue to create new products and keep the orders flowing, then I know for a fact with time all it can do is get bigger.

Everyone will have their way of prioritizing their situations and this is just an insight into how I keep the workflow going with a hectic schedule.

Always remember it’s okay to try new things, not everything will work first time round. Don’t stress on the small shit, you are only human & never forget if it’s out of your control then there’s no point in worrying about it.

Edit: As of a few weeks ago I took the plunge and resigned from my full-time job to part-time hours. Now I have 2 extra days in my week to grow this brand. What you visualize will eventually become your reality, but first, you must put in the work.

Never Give up on Your Dreams.


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