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Unlocking Your Potential

Posted on March 24 2021

Unlocking Your Potential

One thing we all have in common in this world is the opportunity to create our own destiny.

Some may find what they love to do at the beginning of there life and master those skills for years to come and some may wish for the life they want to live but never pursue it out of fear of failure or neglect from friends or family.

People say nowadays we have more opportunities to be anything we want because of the internet age we live in but I believe that this was always the case.

If you were born with a functioning brain and able limbs then at any point in time you have the ability to change your destiny, with the thought of an idea and the motivation to pursue that idea life can take you anywhere.

Now the question you may be asking yourself is

“Yeah but how do I get to that point of knowing what to pursue”

Simple answer is It comes down to 3 things.

Does it make you happy?

Could you do it for years to come?

Can you make an income off it?

If you answered yes to all 3 then give it a crack it may just be your purpose in life. If it doesn’t work out move on to the next thing that gets ya blood flowing. It’s about trial and error.

Experience is key when it comes to sustainability.

You probably won’t find what you love doing first time around but don’t let that dishearten and break you, never quit no shame in trying again.

True character shows when you enter that phase of not giving up until you have achieved that level of success that your mind desires.

Saying no to yourself when you want something that isn’t included in the plan. That’s the true test.

Life has a funny way of giving you little clues and hints to help day to day decision making. But at the end of the day nothing beats practice, Practice makes perfect and repetitive actions towards the craft at hand are a necessity.

Consistency makes all the difference in becoming a master of your art.

Don't forget fear is a mental muscle that requires regular attention. If you don’t actively seek to safely challenge it, it will eventually take over your life. so there ain't no point in fearing the unknown.

Now the best advice I could leave you with that has helped me overcome many situations when I’ve had lack of confidence is. Don’t ever be afraid to fail or make mistakes because a person that hasn’t made a mistake ( no one ever ) hasn’t made f*ck all.


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