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Tips For Creating Content As A Business

Posted on June 27 2021

Tips For Creating Content As A Business
Has social media content is the pillar to success, right or wrong?

In the last 10 years apps have become such a big part of our lives. We have access to billions of streams of information to help us out with personal and business situations right at our fingertips. It’s a blessing and a curse at the same time in my opinion.

Ok now let’s dive a little deeper.

Let’s say your a start up business about to embark on your new journey.
One of the first things your going to do before you venture out is create a profile on various platforms to start sharing your work. Think of your page as your digital portfolio and picture the content as the currency of the internet. If your trying to sell a product/service you need to provide value to the consumer.

How do you provide value through a post?

Education or entertainment the 2 biggest selling points when creating awareness around your brand/business. People love to learn new things and they are also naturally inclined to feel emotions. If you can make someone laugh or smile from the content you post then you can almost guarantee they are going to support your journey as a business.

What do I post?

Document the day to day process you go through, it’s amazing how many people prefer to see what goes on behind the scenes than the final product. Reposting other people’s content is also a good place to start. It shows love to the original creator as well as providing your page with a quick piece of content that required only a couple of minutes of your time.

Another important tip I’ve learnt with running a business is don’t feel like you have to post everyday. When content becomes forced it takes the fun away from the creating process. Don’t think just because you aren’t posting you won’t generate money from your business. It’s a gradual slope you will have to climb to get that follower count up, but numbers don't necessarily translate to sales. Money shouldn't be the defining factor of what you post and when you post it. Unless its a sponsored ad.

Share your knowledge with others through the story you want to tell.Engage with your audience, ask questions, reply and like comments received on your posts.Don't be afraid to be you, good or bad there will always be judgement from someone somewhere. Stick to your own path and don't let haters deter you from your mission. Don’t look at other peoples journeys and compare them to your own we all operate and learn at a different pace.

What programs to use to create?


Personally we use the adobe range to so all of our creating. Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Lightroom and After effects. all those handle everything we need. With the subscription being $86.00 a month for the full creative cloud it can be a bit pricey for some small businesses.

Luckily there are heaps of other free apps that use similar editing styles & techniques. Our phones have the same capabilities as our computers these days so fortunately you don't need much in terms of equipment and programs to create good content. Just a story to tell and the will to put in the work to tell it.

So to conclude, 3 of my favourite tips I want to share with you from what I’ve learnt from my journey creating content as a business is.

1. Always have fun and don’t force yourself to post to a schedule.

2. Post what you believe in. Don’t let page aesthetics determine what you share because your afraid it won’t match your theme.

3. Network with other like minded people. The internet has endless opportunities and there’s millions of people out there that needs someone like you. We don’t always have the answers to our own ideas but when great minds link up possibilities become limitless.

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