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The Truth Behind Mankind Apparel

Posted on August 12 2021

The Truth Behind Mankind Apparel

Mankind came about 4 years ago after I found myself starting a completely new role as a Sign Writer. At that time little did I know I would find my calling, and no I’m not talking about running a clothing brand.

I would be lying if I was to tell you my dream is to take this business and become the next iloveugly or Huffer.

I sell T-shirt’s and clothes because I love to create.

Yes when I first started out I admit I had ambitious goals of selling out designs because I thought they were that good but that isn’t always the reality or nature of the clothing biz.

A saturated market so you have to get inventive to stand out.

I feel people buy clothes from labels they trust or know someone thats apart of it, businesses that have mastered their brand awareness or businesses their favourite influencer endorses. 

For me the clothes act as the bread and butter, we sell enough to pay our overheads and start new projects but not enough to ever sustain a lifestyle on.

Don’t get me wrong of course I enjoy the hustle & would love to sell more than I do currently. I think it's just down to the fact I can only spend so much time on one task before I have to move to the next to keep the ship sailing.

I feel that’s exactly where my weaknesses lie.

I don’t really give myself time to market what I create because I’m too focused on the next project.

For me the true love is in the creation process. I love to visualise an idea, relay it onto paper as a sketch, Digitise it into a render then output it onto a product in physical form.

The clothing is simply the vehicle that allows me to do what I enjoy most CREATE.

The reason I chose clothing as my outlet was because it involves so many different forms of mediums. One day I might be writing a blog about what I’m learning on my journey and the next day I might be out doing photo shoots with other creators and editing later that day.

The main reason why I started designing and making tees for other brands was not because I don’t have enough work of my own but more because my main goal is to have my own signage shop and bring other brands visions to life.

I’m a sign writer by day for another company so I can only do so much under my own umbrella without it being a conflict of interest. Sucks I know.

Over the last year and a bit I’ve slowing been pushing the brand towards the direction of a creative outlet rather than just a clothing brand. Although we may end up dropping apparel off our name down the track to expand our horizons, we will still be sharing the same kind of message, positive & uplifting to get you going. 

I feel the clothing will always be apart of this business no matter which road I choose to steer it down. It just won’t always be our main selling point in the future.

I’m appreciative of everyone that links with us and has shown love through purchasing one of our products or follows our journey via social media.

win or lose it’s all learning.



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