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Origins Of Mankind Apparel

Posted on May 16 2021

Origins Of Mankind Apparel

The year is 2016, I had just gone back to working full time after 18 months of trying to chase my dreams, problem was I didn’t really know what my dream was at that stage, I just knew I didn’t want to work for anybody else apart from myself.

Previously I had completed a Mechanical engineering apprenticeship but grew tired of fixing machines that operators would break on purpose so they didn’t have to do any work.

During the time of my engineering career I was flatting in run down house with a bunch of my friends. We were all into bodybuilding at the time & pushed each other into becoming the best versions of ourselves with the ultimate goal of jumping on stage to showcase what we had worked for over a year to achieve. We were known as The House of Aesthetics. 

As we lived in a shit house but transformed our physiques into something very pleasing that none of us thought was possible at the start. 

From there I had my first taste of Branding and Graphic design. I fabricated gym equipment and decked the whole house, inside and out as a gym. We went on to make supplements and training programs to provide other people with the same knowledge we learnt.

Long story short a few years went by and we all ended up moving out of the house and going our separate ways. The HOA brand at that point had a lot of potential still, but without us all living together it didn’t have the same drive it once had and eventually fell apart.

Now fast forward to 2017, I had not long started a new job as a sign writer. I quickly figured out that this industry was where I was meant to be, as I could unleash my creative abilities and learn a lot more about Brands, Colours & Customer interaction. 

I have always been very passionate about art and love coming up with new ideas in all sorts of mediums. After learning a bit about the signage business I found out there was type of vinyl available that was designed to be heat pressed onto T-shirt’s to make your own custom designs. It intrigued me and I dove deeper into researching a bit more about the topic, eventually planning out a full business model. (Those that know me know I don’t do things by halves lol.) 

I already had the name Mankind thought out, In all honesty I don’t actually know how it came to me, but for months prior to making the commitment to go all in, all I could vision when I would go to sleep at night was that name plastered across clothing and anything else I could leave my creative touch on. It got to the point I had to sketch a logo because the uncertainty started keeping me up at night. 

Along with my vision statement I set out on buying all the gear I needed. 2017 was spent putting all the processes into place, testing the market with a limited number of Singlets & Tees, making sure I could sell them in a timely manner before proceeding to the next stage. After a year of development & lots of trial & error we were ready to pull the trigger. With my brothers as models and my Partner doing all the marketing & advertising that left me to steer the ship.

My dream was now clear, people were buying into my vision and Mankind was growing at a steady pace.
In 2018 we added Apparel onto the end and registered the company to give us a broader spectrum. A website was built, multiple Collections were designed, I was perfecting my craft while not really knowing what I was doing at the same time. 
4 years later the business is now backed with a strong brand ethos & when someone asks me what we are all about I'm able to give them a clear answer of what we believe in & how we plan on growing. 

We have a team of 5 brand ambassadors that have helped us create content for our social platforms for the last 2 years. Multiple team members that have help me behind the scenes since the start. Last year I left my full time job to focus on Mankind Apparel because I believed in it so much. 

We have an operating retail store & offer design services to other brands. I write blogs to encourage the youth that anyone can do this too and my latest endeavour is working on a podcast interviewing people that have chased their dreams finding success in the process. The future is looking bright. 

For me this is still the very beginning we haven’t even scratched the surface of we’re I see us in 5 years. I’m not afraid to put in the work because I know my path will lead me to help others chase their own dreams by telling my story. 

Moral is, if you have an idea your passionate about I encourage you to take one step at a time into making that idea your reality because with hard work you never know where time will take you


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