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My Biggest Mistake With Mankind Apparel

Posted on September 12 2021

My Biggest Mistake With Mankind Apparel

I’m the type of person that doesn’t know how to stop. I like having a project/side hustle on the go at all times, regardless of how busy I am. If someone asks for my help to create or fix something I struggle to say no.

So mistakes I’ve made too many to mention. One however I will never forget and it’s up there with some of the most expensive mistakes I have made with a side hustle/business.

It took place in the first year of Mankind Apparel. I didn’t know a thing about clothing, everything was trial an error, the only thing I really had going at the time was my work ethic.

Luckily I’m a pretty avid researcher and when I invest money into something I learn as much as I can about the topic before I go balls deep!

Funnily enough not this time though (silly me)

I had spent about a year product planning, testing my market audience, putting processes in place & doing everything by the book in terms of setting up a business.

It was summer at the time and I had purchased 15 black and 15 white singlets. I got my favourite logo I had designed and slapped it across the chest of a tank singlet and off I went to sell them to friends and family, to see if it was going to work.

They sold like hot chips at a footy match.

So I thought sweet we might be on to something here. I had just over 1000$ from selling the singlets and some other coin I had rambled together.

Next stop was to up the anti not 2 designs but 3 and we’ll do 25 units of each this time. (More quantity doesn’t always initiate to more sales) The logical thing to do would be keep the original logo that I sold 30 units of and just print more units but no I had to change the plan. (Again silly me)

Away I went. Unfortunately I had to come up with 3.5k to get all this done, but I only had just over 1k (should of been the true telling sign not to proceed with a order that big but hey you live in you learn) One of my good mates fu*ked with my vision and lent me 2.5k to place the order.

Away I went again. Designs ready, double check everything and send it off to the printers. Easy (apparently not)

A few days later I receive an email back from the printers asking for the pms specs for my pantone colour match in my logo. wtf was that I thought.

After a bit more researching I gave them the code 32c for the red in my logos. A week or 2 went by and I finally got the printed tees back, I frantically opened the box excited asf to see my creation only to realise the red colour specs I gave them was more like a orange Faaaaaaarrrrk! 3.5k down the drizzz-ain just like that!

What was I going do?

Some people definitely managed to figure out that it wasn’t the right colour from the mock-ups I’d designed and put on our IG beforehand.

I had no choice but to still upload the t-shirts to the website. 75 tees to try and sell to make the money to pay my mate back and re-up on a new design.

They sat their for well over a year. I think I only sold 35 or so via the website. I eventually took it on the chin and removed them. I also ended up giving a lot away to friends, family and ambassadors. 

In another effort to try get cost back for the remainder of the stock I put them on sale in the retail store at the start of this year and managed to get rid of a few more.

To this day 3 years later I still have about 20 tees still in my possession. Moral of the story, Be prepared don’t try and grow to fast, let the process take it’s natural course. Remember to always do your due diligence before making any moves financially.


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