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How We've Been Spending Our Time During Lockdown

Posted on September 05 2021

How We've Been Spending Our Time During Lockdown

So as we near 3 weeks into this level 4 lockdown I thought I’d give you a little insight into what I’ve been up to & the work we are able to do in these uncertain times.

Fortunately being in the clothing business we still get to operate online which is a positive. However we can only sell what we have already in stock at our retail store due to screen printers being closed.

Majority of our garments are heat transfer prints allowing us to print as we sell, this has been super beneficial during these times and allowed me to stay busy by ordering blank tees online getting them delivered to my house (contactless of-course) and printing all our excess designs that have been sitting around & fill the shelves of our shop for when we can open again.

Now content wise I have to admit I've been slacking in this area & haven’t been to motivated to do much as most of my inspiration to create comes from being out and about observing. (Writing this blog while on my daily walk lol) 

 Truth be told it’s hard to get in the right mindset to be   creative and come up with new ideas when your in   lockdown & have a toddler thats wanting your attention most part of the day. But that’s fine as it’s my primary duty to be a father and make sure my son stays learning with some form of normality and structure through all of this.

How I've been getting around that obstacle.

Pretty much just involving him with anything I'm doing, if Im pressing T-shirts ill get him on his stool standing next to me passing me designs or swinging the press back to me.

Another thing is allowing myself work blocks of 1 hour then spend 2 to 3 hours with my son and so forth. these blocks allow me to pick a task and try accomplish it within the hour. I find for me it eliminates the distraction and procrastination of sitting there working for hours on end getting bored with what you've got to get done. I've found this method to be super productive for my workflow.

So what I’ve been doing with my time.

Primarily as i said above I’ve been spending it with my son as my partner continues to work from home so keeping him active and away from screens is where most of my time has been spent.

De-clutter is next on the list. Cleaning and doing all those little annoying chores around the house that have been put off (avoiding) for so long because I claimed I never had time to do them haha. not today though.

I spent 3 days in the first week re-organising my garage which I use as a design studio to make and photograph all our products. Building shelves and creating a line run were the garments can flow through the processes of design to print and then on to packaging.

A lot of designing new products and teaching myself new skills like video editing has been up there on the schedule. In between that I’ve managed to create some gifs for Eight One Eight Barbershop something I didn't know how to do before lockdown, write a couple of blogs and film and edit a few design tutorials.


Daily walks have been a must while stuck at home. Usually I’ll set out for a good hour stroll first thing in the morning to get the blood and the ideas flowing.

I use this time to figure out what I want to accomplish that day, it helps me stay excited and clears the mind of any negative thoughts.

Real talk

To some these lockdowns are a holiday but to others that live week to week or live alone then these lockdowns are anything but.

if I have any advice (something I'm not the best at but we'll try) for anyone struggling through this lockdown is stay connected and make sure you talk to friends and family regularly. As humans we survive on love and sharing our thoughts with one another.

Do those tasks you said you never have time for. Learn new skills, the internet is a place to seek what you love, it's full of billions of brilliant minds wanting to share their knowledge.

Last but not least stay active, move about even if it’s getting out in the backyard kicking a ball about with the kids. Nothing will kill your endorphins quicker than being stuck inside scrolling Instagram. Stay healthy, stay safe and don't be afraid to reach out if your feeling down.

Lifeline Aotearoa - 0800 543 354
Depression helpline - 0800 111 757


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