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Does reading make you successful?

Posted on October 10 2021

Does reading make you successful?

I Like to believe reading plays a huge part in one's success. Although I don’t read books very often myself I gain information and leisure from other mediums like YouTube, research papers, and short articles.

Reading plays a fundamental part in our abilities to learn as humans. Study’s prove parents that read to their kids from an infant age excel quicker in school learning situations. Compared to those that may not have had access to the same resources during those early developing years.

With the conception of the internet has come the age of the entrepreneur. With many famous faces claiming to read 100+ books a year. This has made skim
Reading is a popular term among those that seek information with limited time. Essentially you're looking for keywords & highlighting the parts most valuable to your course of action. This in turn allows you to go back through the book and easily find the parts that interested you the most.

Not all of us read for self-improvement though. Many read for entertainment purposes. A good non-fiction story can take your imagination to places you can only dream of. I remember as a kid at primary school and the yarns I would write in my storybook. The majority were made up but the fulfilment it gave me to express my thoughts and desires whether what I was writing had happened or not gave me a huge sense of escape from my own head.

Many other tasks in life require the same traits to excel. Reading trains your mind to be patient. Sitting there for hours on end zapping through pages with utter focus. Telling yourself you need to read this many pages or chapters before you can go to bed or do your next task. That’s a part of goal setting. Those behaviours are easily replicated in real-world situations & beneficial to everyday life.

So to conclude I would say reading plays an ideal part in a person's success. The habits and information gained from someone else’s knowledge is the key attribute in the values it brings the consumer. So what I’m pretty much saying is GO READ!! lol


Books I have read lately....
This is not a T-shirt by Bobbie Hundreds
The house that Jack Ma built by Duncan Clark
Both extremely captivating if you like business, would recommend both.


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