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Product Profile - Faded Collection

Posted on March 29 2022

Product Profile - Faded Collection

I want to introduce to you to The product profile, a little segment created to give the consumer an insight of the thought process behind our garment drops. Also a in depth description of the specs of a product.


First up we have The None the Wiser Faded Hoodie. A mid weight, Cotton/Polyester faded fabric, 290 GSM. Woven emblem Pip, Satin Polyester size/care label for that non scratchy feel on the back of your neck.

With a 6 colour graphic the garment is nothing short of Quality.

The controversial image is inspired by the lies we are fed from the corporate media & Governments.

The image of Albert Einstein with his eyes blanked out represent how some of the smartest people in this world are being silenced, shadow banned & censored from giving their opinions on how to deal with such matters.


Next Up is the Happiness is Complicated Washed out tee. This tee was styled around the revamp of a classic vintage tee.

I wanted something that was brand new but focused on the elements of a vintage look. We settled on a Stonewash tee which is essentially a dark grey tee bleached back to its original fabric colour before it was dyed.

FACT: The more you wash this tee the better it will age gracefully into an actual vintage tee if you keep it long enough.

Again a 6 colour print highlighting the details of the design bringing out some awesome texture where the Hues transition into one another.

This design represents the real issues this pandemic has created. Mental Health, is at an all time high due to lockdowns and other circumstances within the last couple of years. It’s something that doesn’t get spoke about enough. We will happily be concerned about a public figures life but do we really spend enough time paying attention to the people right next to us?


- 80% Cotton 20% Polyester

- Light Weight (140 GSM) / Regular fit

-Worn out vintage look 

- Woven patch detailing


If you would like to support the team by purchasing an item from this featured category, The Faded Collection will be dropping 31/03/22 7pm Sharp.

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